How to buy an Absolute Pomeranian

The very first step to getting your own Absolute Pomeranian is to look at our “Available Pomeranians” page and select your soon to be companion.

Next step is to contact Absolute Pomeranians through one of the many possible contact methods provided, but the fastest and best way to reserve or ensure no one beats you to your selected Absolute Pomeranian is to text (901) 765-5287. *

Keep in mind that we do this out of our home as small, home hobby pet breeders; we are not a pet store with a physical address to window shop. Serious buyers can facetime to see the puppy or dog they are interested in and after payment or deposit is made, we meet at our designated place as shown on the “contact us” page.

After contact is made and you are ready for your Absolute Pomeranian, we will need your email address, name, phone number, and mailing address; this will be easier and faster if this information is emailed to us at We will prepare an invoice to be sent to your email that can accept multiple methods of payment for either the full purchase price or a deposit of $500.00 to hold the puppy / dog until the agreed upon meeting date or airline reservations have been made. The puppy / dog can not be shipped or taken possession of until full payment is made.

Questions? Contact us.

Updated 1/15/2022